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Horse Sales & Classifieds

Horse Sales & Classifieds are the backbone of the Australian Equine industry. Listings ranging from Individual horses & ponies for sale, equestrian, racing anddressage supplies, land for horses, farm equipment and miscellaneous classifieds can all be found here.

Thoroughbred Breeding

Selective breeding has been a powerful force in shaping the sport of horse racing; who are the professionals that will get you the results you’re after? To find out more see our directory for Thoroughbred Breeding

Racing Clubs

Racing Clubs are the perfect way to get in contact with racing fans in your area and finding a great crowd to share the enjoyment of a day at the track. If you are sick of cheering from the stands on your own, a Racing Club, Turf Club, Jockey Club or a Polo Club might be just what you’re looking for. See our directory of Racing Clubs

Racehorse Syndication

If you are interested in horse ownership or co-ownership then view our directory of Racehorse Syndication informational websites and business listings.

Thoroughbred Trainers

Thoroughbred trainers are the number one influence on an aspiring race horse’s career, yet they are frequently overshadowed by the official heroes of the track, the runners and the jockeys. If you would like to get in touch with some of these heroes behind the scenes see our directory of Thoroughbred Trainers.

Thoroughbred Agistment & Spelling Farms

Thoroughbred race horses are hard working athletes, who deserve rest and serious pampering from time to time. Thoroughbred spelling and agistment farms give a thoroughbred racer the most restful and relaxing time possible between races or in retirement. See our directory of Thoroughbred Agistment & Spelling Farms.


A saddle is key piece of equipment for all horse riders. Choosing the right saddle for your needs is an important decision whether your a horse racing professional or weekend horse riding enthusiast. To find out more see our directory of the best websites for Saddleries.

Horse Equipment & Supplies

See our directory of Horse Equipment & Supplies

Horse Photography

See our directory of Horse Photography

Thoroughbred Vets & Dentists

In order to maintain a thoroughbred’s health, regular check-ups with veterinarians and dentists are absolutely essential. This section is dedicated to the medical professionals who literally keep the thoroughbred runners on track. Find an equine health professional today in directory of Thoroughbred Vets & Dentists

Thoroughbred Supplies & Products

The amount of equipment involved in keeping and racing thoroughbred horses can be quite astonishing to those outside the racing industry. New products are designed constantly in order to improve the thoroughbreds’ well-being and performance. See our directory of Thoroughbred Supplies & Products

Equine Jobs, Equestrian Jobs & Jobs With Horses

If you are looking for a job with horses whether it be within the horse racing industry or caring for horses please check our directory of Equine Jobs, Equestrian Jobs & Jobs With Horses


Just like every other major sport, thoroughbred horse racing news and current affairs are covered in a number of dedicated publications. If you love horse racing, perhaps it is time you learned about the magazines and books which stand to become your new favourite reading material. See our directory of thoroughbred Publications

Thoroughbred Transport, Floats and Trailers

Thoroughbred race horses do a serious amount of travelling in order to compete in races across the country and even the world. As the rules concerning equine welfare are tightening, thoroughbred transport has become a business in its own right. Find someone who can assist you in our Thoroughbred Transport, Floats & Trailers directory

Thoroughbred Insurance

If your business is horse racing then finding the right insurance is an important decision. To find out more see our directory for Thoroughbred Insurance.

Betting Services & Tools

If you are looking to place a bet at the races or with an online bookmaker you may be interested in the following websites in our Betting Services & Tools directory

Arts, Books, Travel, Merchandise & Memorabilla

Browse through these useful horse related websites in our Arts, Books, Travel, Merchandise & Memorabilla directory

Tours & Travel

Browse through these useful tours and travel related websites in our Tours & Travel directory

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