Triple Crown

Horse racing is one of the most exciting and watched sporting events right across the world. There are an abundance of highly lucrative and esteemed races held in many countries including the Triple Crown Races. Australia, the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau all hold their own Triple Crown series each year. Other lesser known Triple Crown series include those held in Chile, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The title “Triple Crown” refers to a set of three elite thoroughbred races for three-year-olds selected for their status, prestige and importance in the horse racing industry. It is a distinguished and rare achievement in racing for a horse to claim victory in all three Triple Crown races within a country, as the challenge of succeeding in events of various distances and conditions proves too testing to all but the most accomplished competitors. Victory in a Triple Crown series has a very positive effect on a racehorse’s future career and status in the racing industry, and many Triple Crown winners are recognised with an induction into the Racing Hall of Fame.

The Triple Crown is an ambition all trainers, owners and jockeys hope to achieve.