Thoroughbred Agistment & Spelling Farms

A basic thoroughbred agistment agreement is arrived at by the horse owner and the agistor (or landowner). An agisting thoroughbred is ‘fostered’ out to the agistor’s property to graze and roam for a monthly fee paid by the owner. This can be a retirement option for aging race horses or a place to recover for race horses who have suffered an injury.

Interestingly, most agistment farms will insist on an ‘lien’ clause when a new thoroughbred is welcomed. This means that the owner is not permitted to remove his horse from the thoroughbred agistment farm unless all the fees have been paid.

If an owner abandons his horse at an agistment farm – meaning he ceases to pay the bills or simply does not return to collect his horse – the agistor becomes the rightful owner of the thoroughbred after a period of about 40 days. After his waiting period the horse either remains on the agistment farm as a new member of the family or can be sold in order to cover the outstanding fees.

Thoroughbred race horses are under constant physical strain during their racing season, training almost daily and performing frequently in competitive race situations. Although thoroughbreds
are genetically predisposed to handle such pressure and perform well if they receive the appropriate training, it is essential to grant them a period of rest in between races and race preparation.

Thoroughbred spelling farms are essentially providing the equine equivalent of the spa treatment. Trainers and owners can book their racing thoroughbreds in at spelling farms for days or weeks, depending on their schedule, and rest assured that their charges will be returned relaxed and well pampered. Spelling thoroughbreds enjoy plenty of downtime, light exercise, the company of other resting runners and often even specialised meal plans.

During their stay at a spelling farm, thoroughbreds enjoy treatments to improve their general well-being. The treatments, from diet to massages and grooming, are tailored to suit the individual horse’s needs perfectly. The practise of spelling is essential in order to maintain a healthy thoroughbred, who can not only perform well on the track but also might go on to a career as a stud or broodmare after retirement from the track.

Living Legends
Living Legends, located just outside Melbourne, Australia, has been established to bring retired champion horses back to the public. It is situated at Woodlands Historic Park, a unique, picturesque location that includes a historic homestead, magnificent gardens, and abundant parklands.

Mob: 0407 551 289 | Fax: (03) 9307 1164

Chittering Gully Stud
We are committed to looking after your thoroughbred horse, whether it be a mare, stallion or gelding. We are horse breeders and understand the need to feel that your horse is being treated well, not only by feeding but by way of handling.  All horses get individual attention.  We understand that racehorses are finely tuned animals.
Phone: (02) 68881290

Benwerrin Lodge
Benwerrin Lodge is Queensland’s leading thoroughbred agistment and education provider. Beginning operations 25 years ago, its reputation for the quality of both management and facilities is first class. We are situated in blue ribbon horse country on the Albert River in the Kerry Valley.
Phone: (07) 5544 9200

Lauriston Park
Lauriston Park is a rapidly developing boutique broodmare and spelling farm situated at Creightons Creek near Euroa. Its establishment is the culmination of a combined 40 years experience in the horse industry by the owners Chris and Kathie Bakker. Agistment is available for short term or permanent boarders.
Phone: 0427 903 353

Kitara Lodge
Performance & Racehorse Spelling and Agistment
5* facilities with long and short term spelling and agistment. We cater for the individual horses and offer 24/7 professional care. We also offer rehabilitation and post-injury care. Mare and foals and stallion facilities also available. FANTASTIC FACILITIES AT A GREAT PRICE!  |  [email protected]
Phone: (02) 43063100  |  Mobile: 0401862264

Magnolia Hall
Magnolia Hall is a small, horse-agisting facility located within one hour’s drive of Melbourne’s CBD. We limit outside horses to just ten. This allows us to provide individual attention to each horse. We have shelters in all paddocks and use diamond-mesh/equimesh fencing for added safety.
Phone: (03) 9739 1879