Thoroughbred Vets & Dentists

Thoroughbred vets and dentists are valued members of the horse racing community. They are professionals specialising specifically in the care of horses, which have individual needs – especially when kept as racing animals – requiring different care from most other animals.

Most established trainers have a fixed staff vet to take care of their charges, meaning the veterinarian establishes strong bonds and relationships with the animals schooling at the training stables. This can work to the runners’ advantage, as a vet can easier spot irregularities in the horses’ gait or behaviour if he or she is familiar with the animal.

While the idea of a specialised equine dentist may sound absurd, it is in fact a much respected and necessary profession. The expression: ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ has not been coined without reason. If a thoroughbred’s teeth are not kept in good condition, it can be to the overall detriment of the animal’s health. Oral infections can quickly spread throughout a thoroughbred’s system, affecting the animal’s form negatively and occasionally even leading to illnesses which can cause the horse to be unable to race.

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Central Coast Equine
Central Coast Equine Veterinary Practice offers an ambulatory veterinary service for race, performance and pleasure horses. Visits are done to your home, spelling farm or racetrack, together with appointment visits further afield to conduct Pre-Purchase Exams in the Sydney, Hunter Valley and interstate as required. We are able to supply consultations and advice at all major Thoroughbred yearling and weanling sales in Australasia. This includes opinions as to conformation, breeding, pre-sale repository x-rays and pre and post sale endoscopy exams.

Phone: (02) 4374 1640   |    Mobile: 0428 21 5599

Kilmore Equine Clinic
The Kilmore equine clinic was first established by Dr Maxine Brain as the sole practitioner back in 2000. The practice has steadily grown and now has 4 full time and 1 part-time veterinarian, 2 Vet nurses, 4 office staff and a Practice Manager. We offer a full range of services including ambulatory services for emergencies, preventative care, general reproduction, radiography, medical care and treatment of your horse at home.

Phone: (03) 5781 0163

Dave and Sue are based at Mount Pleasant where they conduct horse dentistry clinics at their property on Isaac Street Mt Pleasant, South Australia. Also travel far and wide through out the state of South Australia. Dave works on a full range of horses breeds, from ponies to top performance horses.  Many top competitors in Camp drafts, like the Smith’s at Allambie Station out of Broken Hill, Polo cross competitors and well sought after horse trainer John Hentschke of Springton S.A. use Dave and Sue as their preferred choice of equine dental service provider.

Phone: 0419 035 244

Meadows Veterinary Centre
Meadows Veterinary Centre has been providing equine care to all pleasure and performance horses throughout the Adelaide Hills and southern suburbs for over 24 years. For more than 20 of those years Dr Greg Rodda has pursued his special interest in Equine Dentistry initially training at the Colorado State Vet University and since has been involved in training other vets.

As only vets can administer and monitor sedatives and anaesthetics, use nerve blocks, treat infections, perform surgical procedures and take x-rays he can provide complete care and treatment. His tools cater for miniature ponies through to large performance horses and include a Power Float that was designed by and only available for use by veterinarians. This was done to prevent the tooth damage that has been seen in the past caused by other types of power floats used by lay dentists. He is able to quickly and safely remove large hooks and ramps to achieve a balanced mouth which also includes bit seating.

For more information please visit our web site or ph 83883455