Caulfield Guineas Form Guide

The Ladbrokes Caulfield Guineas form guide will give you plenty of information to help you make your betting picks, but you’ll need to know how to read and use a form guide first. This guide will teach you where to find a Caulfield Guineas form guide and what the various entries in it mean for your Caulfield Guineas betting on the $2 million feature for three-year-olds each Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

2017 Ladbrokes Caulfield Guineas Form Guide

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The complete Ladbrokes Caulfield Guineas 2017 Form Guide will be provided for punters below the week of the race so stay tuned.

Where to Get a Caulfield Guineas Form Guide

While people have traditionally used newspaper form guides, online betting sites now offer much more detailed form guides as part of their racing offerings. The Caulfield Guineas form guide offered by an online bookie will give detailed information on every runner, often including short summaries of their performances in recent races.

The Caulfield Guineas form guide is available online as soon as the field of hopeful three-year-olds is announced the week of the race.

In the Caulfield Guineas form guide you will find basic information including the horse names, jockeys, trainers, barriers and weights.

There is also a host of other crucial facts and stats in the form guide for the Caulfield Guineas each October that can help you pick the winner including the track / distance records of the gallopers and their lead-up form.

Reading a Caulfield Guineas Form Guide

The following is a listing of the common entries you will find in a Caulfield Guineas form guide that could have an impact on your betting. Included are Caulfield Guineas tips on what these entries mean for the race.

Saddlecloth Number – You may need to use this number to place your bet, but it otherwise has no bearing on your bet.

Barrier – This is usually found as a number in brackets next to the horse name. A barrier number of more than 8 is a bad sign for a horse on the Caulfield Guineas form guide.

Weight – The Caulfield Guineas is run at set weights, so this will only be different depending on the sex of the horse.

Age and Sex – The Caulfield Guineas is restricted to 3 year old horses, which will usually be written on a Caulfield Guineas form guide as “3yo”. The letter next to this is the horse’s sex – a ‘c’ means it is a colt (male), an ‘f’ is a filly (female), and a ‘g’ is a gelding (castrated male).

A filly is very unlikely to win the Caulfield Guineas, as most top quality fillies are entered into the Thousand Guineas instead, also run on Caulfield Guineas Day in early October.

Career – This is often written as “Starts: Wins Seconds Thirds” and provides a quick snapshot of a horse’s career statistics. Not too useful on its own, but does show the winning strike rate of a runner.

Pedigree – Usually written as two horse names with a dash in between, the pedigree of a horse can give hints as to whether a horse is naturally suited to sprinting or if they are a stayer. If you want to use this part of the Caulfield Guineas form guide, you will need to do further research.

Form – This is sometimes put under Last 6, but both are just a quick summary of a horse’s recent record, with the rightmost number the most recent race. Numbers from 1 to 9 are the place that the horse finished, and a 0 indicates the horse finished further back than ninth place.

Various letters provide further information, but with an online Caulfield Guineas form guide you can simply look at the detailed analysis of a horse’s recent runs.

Trainer – Caulfield Guineas winners are always the product of superb training, but don’t worry too much about this if you aren’t familiar with the top Australian trainers.

Jockey – For the Caulfield Guineas you want the horse you are betting on to have a rider they are familiar with, preferably one that rode them in a lead up race.

Track Condition Records – These will be listed like a Career statistic under an entry labeled with the specific track condition. If the track conditions on the day are terrible, then these statistics become very important.

Remember that while a Caulfield Guineas form guide won’t hold all of the answers, it will help you to make better choices when making your picks at an online betting site.