Caulfield Guineas Exacta

A Caulfield Guineas exacta is not much different from a quinella. Just like the quinella bet, the Caulfield Guineas exacta requires you to bet on two horses to come first and second. However, in a Caulfield Guineas exacta you must determine the exact order of arrival of your selected runners.

In 2015, the following combination turned out to be the winning Caulfield Guineas exacta:

1st – Press Statement
2nd – Lizard Island

Note that the bet would have been lost if you had placed your Caulfield Guineas exacta on Lizard Island coming first and Press Statement coming second – although you would have had a winning Caulfield Guineas quinella.

What makes the Caulfield Guineas exacta such a popular bet is the seriously solid payout you can expect from a winning Caulfield Guineas exacta. An exacta can pay out hundreds for an investment of just a few dollars if the right runners come in.

How To Pick A Caulfield Guineas Exacta

Considering that you have to pick the first two runners home as well as their order of arrival, the Caulfield Guineas exacta is much more challenging than the Caulfield Guineas quinella. However, nothing helps boost your luck at the track like some research into your selection of favoured runners, so make sure to take all the time you need to work out your Caulfield Guineas exacta selections.

For new punters it can sometimes be challenging to get started with their research. We have pages explaining how to read and analyse a Caulfield Guineas form guide – which can be of huge help for inexperienced bettors – as well as a page with Caulfield Guineas tips to get you on the right track.

Where To Place A Caulfield Guineas Exacta

If you are looking to place an Caulfield Guineas exacta the easiest place to do it is with a trusted online bookmaker like who offer generous odds, easy deposit options, the Ladbrokes Card so you can get your winnings quickly in cash and who have the biggest range of Caulfield Guineas bet types on offer.

Online bookmakers, such as, guarantee the most secure betting services available. Once you have created your personal account, your details are guaranteed to be protected and mix-ups when it comes to your Caulfield Guineas exacta are virtually impossible.

Placing bets with online bookmakers is simple, takes only minutes and – best of all – it works entirely on your terms. As online bookies are not bound by business hours, you can place your Caulfield Guineas exacta whenever it suits you; and the odds offered online tend to be even better than those available at land-based outlets or directly at the track. On top of that, online bookmakers will take you through placing your Caulfield Guineas exacta step by step – so you will be punting like a professional in no time.