Men’s Race Wear

Men’s race wear isn’t always the most stylish – except when it comes to the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the few events where men can show-off their true style with fantastic suits, ties, shoes and even hats. While many people believe the race days are just a showcase of women’s fashion, the Spring Carnival is quickly becoming a place to showcase the best in men’s race wear.

The fit of your suit is everything and this season skinny is in. This doesn’t mean the suits need to be skin tight but nicely tailored suits which are not as wide as a standard suit are most preferred. With the summer months bringing the heat with it, lightweight wool, silk and cashmere suits are definitely the top choice in fabrics. Match your suit with great dark leather shoes and a belt.

For those who want to take a bit of a spin on the classic suit look, try little changes such as frayed edges rather than straight seams. Three piece suits are the rave this year with the classic combo raising the race wear standards at the Melbourne Cup.

Which Men’s Race Wear Style Suits You?

This season there are four main styles for the Melbourne Cup each focusing on a different look in the fashion industry. Metallic suits are huge this year. The understated silver types are the best for the races and teamed with a white shirt and black accessories, this look is set to be a big hit. For those who like to look suave, the Italiano style of tan or beige suits is definitely for you. Once again, team it with all white or black accessories, including tie, belt and shoes.

The Tone-on-Tone looks superb when using a dark colour combination. Steel blue suits with a dark shirt and tie look handsome and polished. Make the look a bit edgy with brown or tan shoes and belt. It’s time to bring the pin stripe suit back in fashion! This style looks fabulous, particularly when you layer a pin stripe shirt under your suit. Just make sure that you have the right stripe sizes and spacing.

Adding Colour To Your Outfit

For those who want to add colour to their Spring Racing outfit there are a few different ways to do this with men’s race wear. First of all, do not wear a black suit, opt for charcoal or navy instead. Young men in particular can wear lighter suit colours. When wearing tan or beige suits, add just a hint of colour in the shirt or your tie and remember that your shirt and tie do not have to match. Play around with different colours, but just make sure they aren’t an eye-sore for other people. White is a fresh colour which can lift any outfit, so mix it with bold colours to create an urbane and edgy men’s race wear look.

Men’s Race Wear Tips

Hats are definitely coming back into fashion for men, with gangster styles and tweed and felt trilbies the top sellers in all millinery stores. Otherwise, don’t forget to take your sunnies! If you really want to make a statement at this year’s races, avoid wearing “funny” ties and socks. Keep the day professional and classy by pressing your suit before the day and adding a lapel flower. Remember that different flowers are worn at different races. The official lapel for the Melbourne Cup is a yellow rose.

Your belt and shoes should ALWAYS match, and grey shoes should be avoided for the races. To add more style to your outfit, add a one or two button suit for an extra touch of class!