Melbourne Cup Fashion Update

As the Melbourne Cup quickly creeps upon us all, it’s time for all those last-minute people to get organised and get an outfit for the big day.

Before buying anything, all ladies must remember that bold and bright are in.

Think pinks, purples, orange and aqua however there are still some fashionistas sporting last year’s colours of apricot and lime.

Due to the early heat this year, ladies should stick to frocks rather than a suit combo and incorporate patterns and florals into the design.

Although some women will be brave enough to wear shoulder pads, the majority of racing spectators will be seen with pleated dresses and rouched fabrics.

One shoulder dresses are making a comeback this year and can be accessorised with large pieces of jewellery such as cuffs and floral rings and bags.

Keep the headwear delicate this year or wear a headband with some bling and an oversized silk rose.

4 Comments on Melbourne Cup Fashion Update

  1. Bianca Bertoni says:

    Great article for colours and everything but what about the biggest problem of shoes? How do you stop your heels sinking in all day and ruining them?

  2. Amelia says:

    Shoes can be tricky, if you are standing on the lawn all day the best thing to do would be to buy a shoe with a thicker heel rather than stilettos otherwise there are these “heel stoppers” which apparently prevent your shoes from sinking in the grass.

  3. sofia martini says:

    I’ve come across the fabulous new stiletto/heel shoe accessory Starlettos… ( They’re really cute – much cuter than other ones and really work to stop your heels sinking in. You can buy them from the website. I saw them on Sunrise.

  4. Hannah says:

    Just checked Starlettos out online and they look so cute! I’m going to get a pair – nothing worse than sinking into the grass all day and ruining a gorgeous new pair of shoes. Thanks girls.

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