Epsom Handicap Trifecta

A trifecta is one of the most lucrative bets, in terms of pay-out, that you can place on the Epsom Handicap every Sydney Spring Racing Carnival. In a trifecta you pick the first three horses to cross the finish line in exact finishing order. Many punters choose to place what is known as a 3 horse box trifecta, which covers all combinations when it comes to your three selections finishing order. An Epsom Handicap trifecta offers generous payouts – much higher than that offered by a straight win bet.

In 2015 the winning Epsom Handicap trifecta was:

1st – Winx ($3.10)
2nd – Ecuador ($26)
3rd – Sons Of John ($18)

Punters picking a winning Epsom Handicap trifecta, without taking advantage of the box bet option, stand to win thousands of dollars for every dollar invested in the bet.

How To Pick An Epsom Handicap Trifecta

Picking the three runners for your Epsom Handicap trifecta requires some serious research and perhaps a little bit of luck. Once the list of starters for the Epsom Handicap has been announced, punters around the nation begin the meticulous process of choosing their favourites, assessing their previous performances throughout the season.

The most important pick of the Epsom Handicap trifecta is the horse you determine to be the winner, as this choice will influence your picks for second and third place greatly. Things to consider when choosing your trio of champions include the horses form, their previous race results under their Epsom Handicap jockey and the runners record over the track /distance. Check out our Epsom Handicap tips for more information on how to place a smarter bet on the Epsom Handicap.

Where To Place An Epsom Handicap Trifecta

If you are looking to place an Epsom Handicap trifecta and want to be absolutely sure that your information will not be conveniently lost or confused with someone else’s bet if your selections come through for you, consider placing your Epsom Handicap trifecta with an online bookmaker.

Online bookmakers such as Ladbrokes.com.au guarantee the most secure betting services available. Once you have created your personal account, your details are guaranteed to be protected, and mix-ups when it comes to your Epsom Handicap trifecta are virtually impossible.

Placing bets with online bookmakers is simple, takes only minutes and – best of all – it works entirely on your terms. As online bookies are not bound by business hours, you can place your Epsom Handicap trifecta whenever it suits you. Also, the odds offered online tend to be even better than those available at land based outlets or directly at the track. On top of that, online bookmakers will literally take you through placing your Epsom Handicap trifecta step by step, so even first time bettors will have no trouble at all.