BRC Sprint Just Gravy In Kenny’s World

Kenny's World

Kenny's World will run in the BRC Sprint at Doomben

It’s a story so often told in racing circles and one which no doubts attracts hundreds of people every year to the industry with dreams of doing the same.

The tale of an unwanted horse which didn’t look quite right, had average breeding or was just considered to a dud.

Eventually they’re saved by a small time owner with minimal outlay and very low expectations, only to surprise everyone and become a star of the turf.

Kenny’s World is well on the way to becoming this idyllic cliché and he has already changed the lives of his owners.

The unlikely syndicate was put together by small time trainer Graeme Murray who fashioned together a group of punters from the local hotel in Milton.

Among the group are a cab driver a plasterer and a shop assistant who were allured in by Murray’s sales pitch.

It wasn’t an overly hard one to sell either, the upfront cost was zero, not a cent, all they had to pay were the trainers fee’s an in return get the majority share of any prize money earned.

Now six-years-old, Kenny’s World has notched up more than half a million dollars and that could increase drastically as he becomes a regular in the stakes race landscape.

His next assignment is today’s BRC Sprint at Doomben, a Group 3 worth $125,000.

“He’s renovated one of the bloke’s houses, another one bought a car and another guy poured the money into his business,” Murray said.

Noel Munroe was the local butcher when he became involved with the horse and like many in his situation the driving force behind the decision wasn’t money or glory, it was a social outlet that would give him the odd day at the track with his mates.

Instead, he’s retired early, caravanned around Australia and lived a vastly more comfortable life.

“What can I say about my mate Kenny? … I’m here on the Gold Coast because of him,” he said.

“I’ve retired now, I sold my business and I’m travelling Australia, courtesy of some hard work, of course, but thanks to some help from Kenny.

“If you look at what he has earned … I get 10 per cent of that, plus having a few bob on him on the side has added to the kitty.

“It really did help in me making the decision to sell my business and doing what I’m doing at the age of 55. I’m going to go out and enjoy it.”

Even as a proven racehorse Kenny’s World is still often overlooked, jumping at double figure odds in plenty of his races and adding that little bit more to the pockets of a group of very happy connections.