2010 Victoria Derby Day Exotic Bet – Money Down on How Much Rain will Fall

Tomorrow the 2010 Victoria Derby will take place at Flemington, and for punters wanting a unique exotic betting market Sportsbet now have markets open on how much rain will fall!

There’s only one sure bet this Derby Day – it’s going to bucket down. The question is how much?

If you think you know the answer you can back your judgement and bet with online bookmaker Ladbrokes.com.au.

The equal favourites are for Melbourne to receive between 20.1mm to 30mm of rain, and for between 30.01mm to 40mm of rain on Saturday – both priced at $3 each.

“Many of us to an extent consider ourselves experts in predicting weather, so here’s one for all closet meteorologists out there,” said Sportsbet’s Haydn Lane.

“Derby Day’s racing will be world-class whatever the conditions, but hopefully for those going to the course, Noah won’t be rounding up two of every animal again just yet.”

Punters who believe the heavens will really open up can get odds of $5 on Melbourne receiving 50.01mm or more of rain on Saturday.

So go on, give it a try and add some extra fun and value to your Derby Day betting this year at Ladbrokes.com.au!

Melbourne’s Rainfall on 2010 Victoria Derby Day Odds

Rainfall Odds*
10mm and under $7
10.01mm to 20mm $5
20.01mm to 30mm $3
30.01mm to 40mm $3
40.01mm to 50mm $6.50
50.01mm and over $5

* Paid on Official Rainfall for Saturday 30 October 2010 (Midnight to Midnight) for Melbourne (City Centre) as displayed on the Bureau of Meteorology website.
Odds provided by Ladbrokes.com.au and are subject to change