Australian jockeys have played an immensely important role in the history of horse racing. It was the wild riders from down under who pioneered the ‘crouch style’, changing the riding style of professional jockeys around the world forever.

The legendary Australian jockeys to begin this revolution were Tot Flood and James Barden, who dominated the Australian horse racing circuit in the late 1800s. Today a new generation – including Melbourne Cup winning jockey Blake Shinn, Caulfield Cup legend Damien Oliver and Makybe Diva’s partner in crime Glen Boss – is achieving world wide recognition through exceptional sportsmanship, while emulating the adventurous attitude of their professional ancestors.

While jockeys are often the subject of ridicule in the popular media, there is no other profession that matches levels of personal dedication and determination necessary to become a successful jockey. Starting with gruelling apprentice years and resulting in a lifetime of strict exercise and training regimens, the life of a professional jockey appeals only to individuals who feel truly passionate about equine sports.

We would like to pay tribute to the professionals who sacrifice many creature comforts and luxuries in the name of thoroughbred horse racing; so please take a moment to check out Australian jockeys directory.