Caulfield Cup Quinella

2017 Caulfield Cup Quinella Result

  • 1st: #13 Boom Time ($51)
  • 2nd: #10 Single Gaze ($31)

2017 Caulfield Cup Results: Exotics

Exotic Combintations QLD VIC NSW
Quinella 13-10 N/A 585.00 339.50
Exacta 13-10 498.20 942.20 732.30
Trifecta 13-10-3 8,771.50 8,077.80 6,636.10
First Four 13-10-3-17 145,531.00 109,163.00 145,853.00

If you are after a top Caulfield Cup exotic bet type to test your racing knowledge this Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, placing a Caulfield Cup quinella is the way to go. A Caulfield Cup quinella is the simplest of the exotic bets, involving only two horses and disregarding their exact order of arrival. For a successful Caulfield Cup quinella, you pick the first two runners to cross the finish line in any order.

In 2017 the following two runners formed the winning Caulfield Cup quinella:

  • Boom Time
  • Single Gaze

Note that it does not affect the Caulfield Cup quinella whether Jameka or Scottish come first or second, as long as they are the first two runners across the line.

A winning Caulfield Cup quinella offers a great payout. Depending on the value of the overall race, you stand to win $50 or more for every $1 invested in your Caulfield Cup quinella.

How To Pick A Caulfield Cup Quinella

To place your Caulfield Cup quinella, you need to pick the two runners you believe will be the first two home. As the order of arrival does not matter, picking the Caulfield Cup quinella is not quite as stressful as choosing runners for a trifecta or exacta bet. However, a Caulfield Cup quinella is still a challenge and requires a bit of research on your part if you want to make an informed wager.

It is always a good idea to do a little research on the horses on your personal Caulfield Cup quinella shortlist, rather than just to go on gut feeling. As you need to identify the two best runners in the field for your Caulfield Cup quinella, knowing as much as possible about each runner is imperative for a successful bet. If you need a little help getting started with your research, check out our dedicated pages on Caulfield Cup tips and reading the Caulfield Cup form guide, which will give you handy hints to help you make better betting choices.

Where To Place A Caulfield Cup Quinella

You can place bets on the Caulfield Cup using an online bookmaker, which is by far the most convenient option when it comes to placing a Caulfield Cup quinella.

Online bookmakers such as are not limited by business hours nor bound by location. Once you sign up as a member with an online bookmaker you can place your Caulfield Cup quinella – and all other bets – whenever it suits you, no matter where you are.

Novice punters will find betting with online bookmakers especially easy, as the Internet bookies often offer step-by-step guides to placing exotic bets to make sure you are not placing a wrong bet by accident. For foolproof and convenient betting, check out any of the bookmakers featured on this site.