Japanese Triple Crown

Japanese Triple Crown

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The Japanese Triple Crown series for three-year-old thoroughbreds is one of the most coveted titles a horse can hope to win. There are three renowned races that make up the event are listed below.

The Satsuki Sho is the first leg of the Triple Crown in Japan, also known as the Japanese 2000 Guineas. It is run over 2000m in April annually at the Nakayama Racecourse in Chiba and is worth ?235, 380, 000.

The second crown in the Japanese Triple Crown is the Tokyo Yushun or Japanese Derby. Held at the Tokyo Racecourse in late May or early June each year, it is raced over a distance of 2400m and offers prizemoney of ?343, 300, 3000.

The third and final event of this important Triple Crown is the Kikuka Sho, also referred to as the Japanese St. Leger. This 3000m distance race is run in October annually at the Kyoto Racecourse, with stake set at ?269, 750, 000.

Over time these three events have become known as the ?test of speed? (Satsuki Sho), the ?test of luck? (Tokyo Yushun) and the ?test of strength? (Kikuka Sho).

Throughout history there has only ever been six horses to win the Japanese Triple Crown:





Sir Lite
Tanaka Kazuitichiro Kato Yusaku.
Bungo Takeda Kokichi Hashimoto.
Mr. C.B.
Yasuhisa Matsuyama Marunuma Onsen Hotel Co.
Symboli Rudolf
Yuuji Nohira Symboli Farm.
Narita Brian
Masaaki Ookubo Hidenori Yamaji
Deep Impact
Yasuo Ikee Kaneko Makoto Holdings Co.