Hyperion Stakes

The 2015 Hyperion Stakes is a Group 3 race that will be held at Belmont Racecourse on June 13th, 2015.

Hyperion Stakes News

Hyperion Winner Waiting for Strickland Stakes Wink And A Nod

Hyperion Winner Waiting for Strickland Stakes Wink And A Nod

Perth trainer Justin Warwick will wait and see how the stable’s Hyperion Stakes winner from the weekend Wink And A Nod pulls-up after her latest Group win before confirming plans to back-up in the 2016 Strickland Stakes at the end of the month.

On Saturday at Belmont Park in WA, talented McFlirt six-year-old Wink And A Nod continued her ...

The 2015 Hyperion Stakes is one of the most exciting events held at Perth’s Belmont Park Racecourse. Raced over a mile distance of 1600 metres, the Hyperion Stakes is a great sprint to watch and attracts some extremely talented horses from around Western Australia.

Offering $125,000 prize money, the Hyperion Stakes is a lucrative stand-alone race and as such tends to attract a fairly impressive field. Open to horses three years old and over and run under weight for age conditions, the Hyperion Stakes is a compelling race, presenting plenty of opportunity for a good punt.

The Hyperion Stakes has developed a reputation for quality competition, and has steadily risen year-on-year to prominence in the Western Australian racing industry. Hosted the week before the Belmont Guineas, which is also a mile distance but open only to three year olds, the Hyperion Stakes kicks off a few weeks of good race days in Perth. Following the Belmont Guineas Day and two weeks after the Hyperion Stakes is the Strickland Stakes, an exciting staying event run under weight for age conditions.

2015 Hyperion Stakes Field

When it becomes available, the 2015 Hyperion Stakes field will be published here.

Hyperion Stakes History

The Hyperion Stakes was first run in 1972 when St. Just seized victory. From its inauguration until 2004 it was run every year at Ascot Racecourse. In 2005, the race shifted to Belmont Park before moving back to Ascot until 2011. Since the 2011 edition of the race, it has been hosted at Belmont. Over the years, the distance of the Hyperion Stakes has changed repeatedly, however it has always remained a sprint race.

Hyperion Stakes Race Distance

Period Distance
1972 5 furlongs
1973 1000 metres
1974 1200 metres
1975-78 1400 metres
1979 1450 metres
1980-82 1400 metres
1983 1500 metres
1984-2010 1400 metres
2011- 1600 metres

While not a ridiculously old race, the Hyperion Stakes has been around for some time (over forty years) and during that period it has developed a prestige unmatched by many races of similar age. It has come to be seen as a shining example of the form of Western Australian sprinters, and is watched closely by form analysts and punters alike.

A number of talented horses have placed in the Hyperion Stakes, including Western Australian racing legend Luckygray (2012), Marasco (2008, 2010)and Cambana Lad (1974, 1975).

Hyperion Stakes results since 2000 are listed below.

Hyperion Stakes Results

Year Results Winning Time
2015 1 TBD 2 TBD 3 TBD  TBD
2014 1 Elite Belle 2 Ranger 3 Grand Nirvana  1:39.77
2013 1 Black Tycoon 2 Kerrific 3 Ranger  1:38.14
2012 1 Luckygray 2 (DH) Grand Nirvana 3 (DH) Rosie Rocket  1:38.35
2011 1 King Kool Kat 2 Impressive Jeuney 3 Grand Nirvana  1:36.71
2010 1 Marasco 2 Tarzi 3 Spitfire Ace  1:23.30
2009 1 Tarzi 2 Marasco 3 Hadabeclorka  1:22.15
2008 1 Marasco 2 Scenic Shot 3 Scenic Blast  1:22.60
2007 1 No Questions 2 Arctic Park 3 Star Laser  1:23.26
2006 1 Local Legend 2 Attractions 3 Changing Lanes  1:22.53
2005 1 (DH) Amber’s Halo 2 (DH) Lakeside Rhythm 3 Field Commander  1:25.34
2004 1 Dedicated Miss 2 Mapperholic 3 Kensyl Bay  1:24.42
2003 1 Tribula 2 Mogul 3 Early Express  1:23.31
2002 1 Old Fashion 2 Storm Shot 3 Jugahtrice  1:24.11
2001 1 Country Blazer 2 Bumbelina 3 Lyrical King  1:24.91
2000 1 Devilish Dealer 2 Wild Flood 3 Sweepshot  1:23.80

Note: (DH) = Dead Heat.