Victoria Derby Trifecta

2017 Victoria Derby Trifeta Results

  • 1st: #1 Ace High ($7F)
  • 2nd: #6 Sully ($7.50)
  • 2nd: #3 Astoria($8)

2017 Victoria Derby Results: Exotics

Exotic Combinations QLD VIC NSW
Quinella 1-6 21.20 23.40 16.00
Exacta 1-6 37.40 41.10 40.50
Trifecta 1-6-3 276.70 298.60 286.50
First Four 1-6-3-9 10,395.60 7,352.30 6,866.80

A Victoria Derby trifecta is less complicated to pick than you might think, but let’s start with an explanation of how a trifecta works.

With a trifecta, you must pick the first three horses to finish in their exact order of arrival over the line. Both the horses and their order must be correct for your bet to win. Due to the competitive field of the $1.5 million Group 1 Victoria Derby (2500m) each spring, many punters choose to make things easier by placing a box Victoria Derby bet instead of just a straight trifecta. A box bet covers all combinations of the selected horse – more expensive, but more likely to pay off.

For example, the winning 2017 Victoria Derby Trifecta was:

1st – Ace High ($7F)

2nd – Sully ($7.50)

3rd – Astoria ($8)

Now, if Sully had come first and Ace High second, this Victoria Derby trifecta bet would not have won. The need for the exact order does make things challenging, but the payouts are worth it as a winning Victoria Derby trifecta could earn thousands of dollars per dollar wagered.

How to Pick the Victoria Derby Trifecta

Picking a winning Victoria Derby trifecta isn’t the easiest thing in horse racing, but there are a few things you can look at to help your picks. Starting with our general Victoria Derby tips section, there are a few things that might help you win the trifecta specifically.

First of all, a box bet will make your job easier as will placing it online at who have a top range of exotic Victoria Derby betting products and offers each Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

Once you have decided to place a box Victoria Derby trifecta, then getting a winning bet is much easier. Your bet now simply has to cover the horses with a realistic chance at placing. This may mean choosing more than 3 runners, but that’s okay – you are trying to cover all likely possibilities.

Some things to look out for with your Victoria Derby trifecta picks are good runs in the AAMI Vase the week before, runs in other middle distance races, the sex of the horse (fillies don’t win the Victoria Derby, but might place), and some attention should be paid to breeding given how lead up races do not cover the 2500 metre distance of the Victoria Derby.