Epsom Handicap Quinella

In an Epsom Handicap quinella bet, you are required to pick the first two horses to finish the race but the order in which they arrive doesn’t matter. An Epsom Handicap quinella can be the ideal exotic bet for relatively inexperienced punters, as it involves only two horses and does not hang on the exact order of arrival.

In 2015 the winning Epsom Handicap quinella was made up of the following runners:

  • Winx ($3.10)
  • Ecuador ($26)

Note: While Winx won the 2015 Epsom Handicap with Ecuador scoring runner up, this Epsom Handicap quinella would also have been a winner with Ecuador coming first in an upset and Winx being the runner-up as the beaten favourite.

A winning Epsom Handicap quinella will usually pay out at odds of 60-1 or longer. This means that for a bet of $10 you can receive a payout of $600 or more if your Epsom Handicap quinella is successful.

How To Pick An Epsom Handicap Quinella

Out of all the exotic bets possible, the Epsom Handicap quinella is by far the least difficult to pick. As there are only two horses involved and their order is not crucial, you simply need to determine the two runners you consider the strongest contenders in the field.

Naturally, it is always a good idea to do a little research on the horses on your personal Epsom Handicap quinella shortlist, rather than just to go on gut feeling. Checking the Epsom Handicap form guide (available at every good online bookmaker) is a great place to start, as is comparing your picks’ performances in races of similar lengths and intensity.

Where To Place An Epsom Handicap Quinella

The easiest way to place your Epsom Handicap quinella is to become a member at an online bookmaking site. If you haven’t already got an online bookmaker account, check out our list of trusted online bookies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Online bookmakers like Ladbrokes.com.au offer great odds and the ultimate betting convenience. Best of all, they will guide you step by step when it comes to placing your Epsom Handicap quinella. Even first time punters can place exotic bets within minutes by following the prompts.