Epsom Handicap First Four

The Epsom Handicap First Four is a popular exotic Sydney Spring Racing Carnival bet offering juicy odds and payouts for punters. Notoriously tricky to pick and insanely valuable, an Epsom Handicap First Four win will give you eternal bragging rights at the track and a reputation as a seriously switched on punter.

A First Four bet requires you to pick the first four runners across the line, as the name suggests, in their exact order of arrival.

For example, the winning Epsom Handicap First Four in 2015 was:

1st – Winx ($3.10)
2nd – Ecuador ($26)
3rd – Sons Of John ($18)
4th – Messene ($18)

It is important to understand that you need to pick this exact order to win. If Sons Of John came fourth and Messene third, the above would not be a winning Epsom Handicap First Four. Obviously picking a winning First Four is not an easy thing to do, but the potential payout makes it all worthwhile. A winning Epsom Handicap First Four can pay $10,000 and more for every dollar invested in the bet, meaning a bet of $10 could pay $100,000 or more if the right selection comes in.

How To Pick Your Epsom Handicap First Four

As picking an Epsom Handicap First Four is incredibly difficult, most punters decide to go for a box bet. This means that you choose your favourite four runners in the Epsom Handicap and place a bet on every possible combination of their arrival. While this means you have to invest a little more into the bet, it also increases your chances to get it right.
To select the top four runners to feature in your Epsom Handicap First Four you should do some serious research into the backgrounds of the top contenders. A great place to start is an Epsom Handicap form guide, which can give you an insight into the career history of the runners.

Form guides can be found at all good online bookmakers, like Ladbrokes.com.au, and we have a dedicated page teaching you how to read an Epsom Handicap form guide. Pay attention to the horses’ favourite distances and track conditions, as well as their recent performances in other races, and check out our Epsom Handicap tips for more great selection advice.

Where To Place Your Epsom Handicap First Four

Online bookmakers are ideal if you want to place your Epsom Handicap First Four knowing you are getting the best deal. Internet bookies like Ladbrokes.com.au make betting on the Epsom Handicap incredibly easy. As they are not bound by opening hours and location, you can place your Epsom Handicap First Four at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. If you want to bet on your own terms, online bookmakers are the way to go.

If you haven’t got an account with an online betting site already, don’t worry. Membership is free and you can register within minutes. Once you are a member, you not only become eligible for your new online bookmakers’ promotions and specials, you also have access to the easiest betting systems available. Simply select the Epsom Handicap First Four betting option and follow the step-by-step prompts. With a little assistance, you will be punting like a professional in your next Epsom Handicap.