Epsom Handicap Betting

As one of the top races at the Sydney Spring Racing Carnival, the Epsom Handicap is one of the most famous horse races held in Australia. Punters and racing fans alike enjoy this Group 1 race run over 1,600 metres, while taking advantage of some fantastic Epsom Handicap betting opportunities.

Since it was first contested in 1863, the Epsom Handicap has seen some of history’s greatest horses claim the title, including Chatham, Gunsyd, and the most recent back-to-back champion, Desert War. With countless opportunities to win big during the Sydney Spring Carnival, Epsom Handicap betting is more popular than ever before.

Epsom Handicap odds are usually led by local Sydney-trained milers coming off a good lead-up run in a race like the Group 2 Theo Marks Stakes at Rosehill Gardens.

Favourites in Epsom Handicap betting have a strong recent record in the race with the latest to salute for the punters being Fat Al ($4.50 in 2012) and Winx ($3 in 2015).

Epsom Handicap Quinella

A quinella is a popular wager that can see the bettor collect big money simply by picking the first two horses past the line correctly. This type of bet is often popular on horses that are favourites to win, but who may be unreliable. A quinella bet is simply a wager on which two horses will finish first – it doesn’t matter which horse finishes first or second, as long as both of your selections complete the race in the top two.

An Epsom Handicap quinella is undoubtedly a popular selection amongst horse racing fans, and can net punters an incredible return on even the most casual of Epsom Handicap betting. The 2015 Epsom Handicap quinella was:

  • Winx
  • Ecuador

Despite Winx finishing first and Ecuador second, if you had made an Epsom Handicap quinella on both horses you would have won a payout even had their positions been the other way around.

Epsom Handicap Exacta

In contrast to a quinella, many fans would prefer to bet on an Epsom Handicap exacta due to its higher payout. An exacta is simply the correct prediction of which horses will finish first and second in a race. Unlike a quinella, which allows variations of the horses’ finishing positions, an exacta requires the correct pick of first and second.

The 2015 Epsom Handicap exacta looked very similar to the Epsom Handicap quinella:

1st – Winx
2nd – Ecuador

However, as you can see, first and second places play an integral part in the success of the bet. While a quinella bet would have allowed either horse to finish first or second, an exacta needs the placings to be correct in order to earn a payout.

Epsom Handicap Trifecta

A trifecta is a standard horse racing betting option, and allows punters the chance to win big payouts for correctly choosing the first three horses past the line. While an Epsom Handicap trifecta is a potentially lucrative wager, it can be difficult to accurately select all three horses in order, and is one of the greatest challenges of Epsom Handicap betting. For this reason alone, many bettors choose instead to place a wager on a three-horse box trifecta, which allows any combination of your chosen horses.

If you are looking to make an Epsom Handicap trifecta bet, there are numerous options available to you. The following is the winning Epsom Handicap trifecta from 2015:

1st – Winx
2nd – Ecuador
3rd – Sons Of John

In this specific race, Winx was sitting as the favourite in Epsom Handicap betting to win the race, decreasing the value paid on the Epsom Handicap trifecta. In terms of an Epsom Handicap trifecta, a correct pick for these three horses could potentially earn bettors several thousands of dollars for every one dollar wagered.

Epsom Handicap First Four

A First Four bet is one of the toughest horse racing bets to pull off, but still extremely popular thanks to its lucrative payout odds. While not all that much Epsom Handicap betting is on First Four bets, punters after massive payouts love to try their hand at picking this bet type. There are several variations of a first four wager, including standout, multiple, box, etc., and in that respect it is similar to a trifecta.

For an Epsom Handicap First Four bet to pay out, the punter must correctly select the first four horses that will cross the finishing line. A standard first four bet requires the order of the horses as well, hence the heightened odds, although a first four box wager is popular thanks to its allowance of any combination of finishing positions, so long as you have picked the first four horses.