Emirates Stakes Trifecta

An Emirates Stakes trifecta could be your last chance to get a huge payout in the Melbourne Spring Racing season. As the last big Group 1 race of the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington, the Emirates Stakes offers one of the largest trifecta pools punters will see until the height of the summer.

In case you are new to exotic horse racing bets, let’s briefly go over what a trifecta is. A trifecta is a bet that requires you to pick the first three finishers in exact order. If you get the first three finishers right, but you picked the wrong order, your bet will not win. For this reason, many punters choose to place a box Emirates Stakes trifecta, which means that the finishing order no longer matters.

An example of a winning Emirates Stakes trifecta from 2009 is as follows:

1st – All American
2nd – So You Think
3rd – Gold Salute

If American and So You Think had swapped places, then this bet would not have paid off. Remember, if you think picking the exact places will be a challenge, you can place a box Emirates Stake trifecta to cover all the combinations.

How To Pick The Emirates Stakes Trifecta

The following section will assume that you are going to place a box Emirates Stakes trifecta. It also allows you to select more than 3 horses for your picks (though this will cost more).

Essentially, getting your box Emirates Stakes trifecta right takes research into the likely placegetters. It is important that you focus on placegetters, though, and not winners. Many a box trifecta has come undone because the punter only focused on potential winners.

For your Emirates Stakes trifecta, there are a few traits you should look for in your selections. Horses that ran well in the Chatham Stakes or the Crystal Mile are worth considering. While unknowns can win the race, the places are usually filled with Group 1 winners and placegetters, so most of your selections should still be horses with decent records. Speaking of the unknowns, you are best going with the ones that have a good starting barrier or a weight advantage.

Where To Place An Emirates Stakes Trifecta

You are best off placing your Emirates Stakes trifecta at an online betting site such as bookmaker.com.au. This is because online betting sites offer exceptionally good odds as well as bonus bets that you could use to cover your riskier hunches.

Beginners should especially consider starting with an online bookie, as it is much less intimidating to place an Emirates Stakes trifecta on a website with help than it is having to ask a bored attendant for help with a confusing paper betting slip.

Many online betting sites also feature ways to place a box Emirates Stake trifecta at a set cost. This means you can focus on your selections rather than how much the bet will cost! For punters who like to cover a large portion of the field, this can work out to be much better value than a standard box Emirates Stakes trifecta.