Emirates Stakes Quinella

Picking an Emirates Stakes quinella is something of an interesting challenge. While a quinella is usually quite an easy exotic betting option, an Emirates Stakes quinella can be a bit trickier due to the tendency for upsets in this race. Regardless, it is still the easiest Emirates Stakes exotic bet to place, so read on to learn more about placing an Emirates Stakes quinella.

For those who are entirely new to exotic horse racing bets, a brief introduction to quinellas is in order. In a quinella, you simply need to pick the top two finishers regardless of their finishing order. Most other exotic bets require you to be specific about the finishing order, but not in a quinella.

An example of a winning Emirates Stakes quinella for the 2009 race would be as follows:

  • All American
  • So You Think

Note that this would have won regardless of which of those horses came first. Even if So You Think had won in 2009 with All American second, this Emirates Stakes quinella would have paid out as a winner.

How To Pick The Emirates Stakes Quinella

Picking the Emirates Stakes quinella will need to depend on research, but the nature of the race can actually make it necessary to place a box Emirates Stakes quinella that will cover more than 2 horses.

When deciding on your Emirates Stakes quinella picks, there are a few things to consider. First of all, any runners who were also in the Crystal Mile or Chatham Stakes are worth considering. You may also wish to consider any outside chances with a weight advantage or good barrier draw.

The last option you have is to just pick your Emirates Stakes quinella on a gut feeling. It isn’t the smart way to bet, but it is an enjoyable way to bet on the last major race of the season.

Where To Place An Emirates Stakes Quinella

We recommend that everyone should place their Emirates Stakes quinella at an online betting site, as it is just so much more convenient. bookmaker.com.au in particular has a very easy use interface to help new punters work things out for themselves, but help is always on hand when something isn’t readily apparent.

The other big advantage of placing your Emirates Stakes quinella at an online bookie is that you may be able to benefit from a free bonus bet. A lot of online betting sites offer bonus bets to new players making their first deposits. For instance, bookmaker.com.au offers special deals to readers of Races.com.au, just check them out!

Finally, another great reason to place your Emirates Stakes quinella online is that you can do all your research on the net. Why look through a newspaper’s dismal form guide when you can get all that information and much more online? It’s could then just be a few clicks to your favourite bookie and placing your winning Emirates Stakes quinella!