Crown Oaks Betting

The Crown Oaks has over time become a legendary Australian race in its own right – which is quite an achievement considering the staunch competition. Held only two days after the iconic Melbourne Cup, on the first Thursday of November, the Crown Oaks are still attracting over 100,000 visitors every year.

2016 Crown Oaks Results

  • 1st: Lasqueti Spirit
  • 2nd: Harlow Gold
  • 3rd: Eleonora

Crown Oaks betting is at an all time high at the moment, despite the nationwide obsession with the Melbourne Cup only days earlier. Every year millions of dollars are spent on Crown Oaks betting, making it one of the most followed horse racing fixtures on the Australian racing calendar.

2017 Crown Oaks Betting Market

The Crown Oaks betting markets and Crown Oaks odds for will be released closer to the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

Below are the 2016 Crown Oaks Odds & Results for the latest edition of the fillies feature, run and won on Thursday November 4. Read the full 2016 Crown Oaks Results.

Crown Oaks Betting Options

There are many different ways to bet on the Crown Oaks. While some bets – like the Crown Oaks exotic bets – may be a little confusing for an unexperienced punter, there are plenty of standard bets that are quickly understood and easy to place. If you are new to the game of Crown Oaks betting, you might want to start with these simpler betting options:

Win – In a win bet you place a stake on a selection to win the Crown Oaks. This is a simple bet that can offer a decent payout if a roughie wins the Crown Oaks, but it’s not too lucrative if you are betting on a favourite.

Place – A place bet is the perfect bet for the new punter. In a place bet you select a horse to come first, second or third in the Crown Oaks – giving you three chances to win rather than one.

Each-Way – An each way bet incorporates two bets on just one horse. Select one horse and place both a win bet and a place bet on them in the Crown Oaks. This means you receive two payouts if your selection comes first, and still collect some winnings if your selection comes in second or third.

Crown Oaks Exotic Bets

Well-practised punters will tell you that the best way to collect big bucks with your Crown Oaks betting is to place some exotic bets. We realise that exotic Crown Oaks betting can seem complicated to inexperienced bettors and have come up with some simple explanations for the most common exotic bets. Check out our guides and start your Crown Oaks betting with style and confidence!

Crown Oaks Quinella

For a winning Crown Oaks quinella, you have to determine the first two horses to cross the line – however, the order in which they arrive is not important. As long as your two runners of choice are the first horses home, you win this bet.

Crown Oaks Exacta

A Crown Oaks Exacta works similar to a Crown Oaks quinella. However, in a Crown Oaks exacta you must pick the horses in the exact order of arrival. This makes the Crown Oaks exacta a difficult bet to win, but in turn it does offer a substantially larger payout than a winning Crown Oaks quinella.

Crown Oaks Trifecta

To win a Crown Oaks Trifecta you have to pick the first three runners across the finish line in the exact order of arrival. A Crown Oaks Trifecta is considered a massive achievement within the betting community if you can pull it off.

Crown Oaks First Four

For a successful Crown Oaks First Four, you must pick the first four finishers in their exact order. As getting the order exact is quite difficult, many punters choose to place this as a box bet that covers all combinations of their chosen runners. The easiest way to place a boxed Crown Oaks First Four bet is at an online betting site like, which even allows you to set a total price for you First Four bet!