Caulfield Guineas Quinella

A Caulfield Guineas quinella can be the ideal exotic bet for relatively inexperienced punters, as it involves only two horses and does not hang on the exact order of arrival. In a quinella bet, you attempt to pick the first two runners to finish the race, regardless of their order.

Unlike races open to runners of all ages, the Group 1 Caulfield Guineas (1600m) held on a Saturday in October during the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is a three-years-old only event and so there is less form to go over when looking to place a Caulfield Guineas quinella.

In 2015, the following two runners formed the winning Caulfield Guineas quinella:

  • Press Statement
  • Lizard Island

Note that it does not affect the Caulfield Guineas quinella whether Press Statement or Lizard Island come first or second, as long as they are the first two runners across the line.
A winning Caulfield Guineas quinella offers an excellent payout. Depending on the class and quality of the race a winning Caulfield Guineas quinella can pay hundreds of times more than the money invested in it.

How To Pick A Caulfield Guineas Quinella

In comparison to other exotic bets – like trifectas and exactas – quinellas are relatively simple to pick. As the order of arrival does not factor into the equation, all you need to do is determine the two runners you are the most confident in. If you are looking to place your first exotic bet, a Caulfield Guineas quinella is a great place to start.

Of course, it is always a good idea to do a little research on the horses in your Caulfield Guineas quinella shortlist, rather than just to go on gut feeling. If you need help getting started with your research, check out our dedicated pages on Caulfield Guineas tips and the Caulfield Guineas form guide, which will give you handy hints to help you make better betting choices.

Where To Place A Caulfield Guineas Quinella

There are a number of options when it comes to placing your Caulfield Guineas quinella, but you are best off using the services of an online bookmaker. Internet-based bookmaking outlets are definitely the most convenient of the three options, as online bookmakers are not limited by business hours and are accessible no matter where you are in the world.

New punters will find it especially easy to place their Caulfield Guineas quinellas with the help of an online bookmaker like [Ladbrokes]. Not only is their comprehensive site easy to navigate, they also offer step-by-step assistance when placing an exotic bet like a Caulfield Guineas quinella for bettors who have not done so before. If you are looking to improve your betting skills in a safe and private environment, check out our list of trusted online bookmakers to find the one to best suit your needs.