Caulfield Cup Trifecta

2017 Caulfield Cup Trifecta Result

  • 1st: #13 Boom Time ($51)
  • 2nd: #10 Single Gaze ($31)
  • 3rd: #3 Johannes Vermeer ($5)

2017 Caulfield Cup Results: Exotics

Exotic Combintations QLD VIC NSW
Quinella 13-10 N/A 585.00 339.50
Exacta 13-10 498.20 942.20 732.30
Trifecta 13-10-3 8,771.50 8,077.80 6,636.10
First Four 13-10-3-17 145,531.00 109,163.00 145,853.00

A winning Caulfield Cup trifecta pays out huge dividends to punters that successfully predict the first three horses over the line, in exact finishing order, in the world’s richest mile and a half handicap at Caulfield Racecourse in mid-October each spring. This classic exotic bet is not an easy feat to pull off, but it does bring monetary rewards and will give your reputation at the track a boost.

As an example; this is the winning Caulfield Cup Trifecta from 2017:

1st – Boom Time
2nd – Single Gaze
3rd – Johannes Vermeer

Please note that the Caulfield Cup finishing order is crucial for a winning payout, even if you have picked the right runners, unless you have picked them in the right order you do not have a winning Caulfield Cup trifecta.

Punters picking a winning Caulfield Cup trifecta can look forward to a payout of thousands of dollars for every dollar invested in the bet – making the Caulfield Cup trifecta one of the most lucrative bets to win.

How To Pick A Caulfield Cup Trifecta

To pick a successful Caulfield Cup trifecta is not an easy thing to do, but there are a couple of handy tricks that might make it easier for you. Firstly, don’t blindly trust other punters when it comes to choosing your favourites. Instead, take some time to do your own research into the runners you believe might have a shot at the Caulfield Cup trifecta.

If you don’t know where to start with your research, reading a Caulfield Cup form guide is a great place to start. You can check one out at online bookmakers like and Once you have chosen your three favourites, consider placing a box trifecta rather than a straight trifecta. A box trifecta covers all combinations of arrival once you have chosen three runners. It might cost a little more to place, but it improves your chances of a winning Caulfield Cup trifecta enormously.

Where To Place A Caulfield Cup Trifecta

You can place your Caulfield Cup trifecta using the services of an online bookmaker. Our favourite online bookies offer excellent horse and sports betting services – and they adapt to your schedule rather than making your life more complicated.

Plenty of racing fans like to box trifeta up the 3 favourites in their betting efforts. Check out our article on betting facts and how the favourites have faired over the years leading up to 2017:

As online bookmakers are not subject to business hours or location, you can place your Caulfield Cup trifecta whenever you decide and from anywhere in the world. Online bookmakers offer great assistance for first time punters and literally guide you step-by-step through your betting experience, making sure you are placing just the bet you want. Check out our list of trusted online bookmakers like to find the one that best suits your needs!