Caulfield Cup First Four

2017 Caulfield Cup First Four Result

  • 1st: #13 Boom Time ($51)
  • 2nd: #10 Single Gaze ($31)
  • 3rd: #3 Johannes Vermeer ($5)
  • 4th: #17 Lord Fandango ($21)

2017 Caulfield Cup Results: Exotics

Exotic Combintations QLD VIC NSW
Quinella 13-10 N/A 585.00 339.50
Exacta 13-10 498.20 942.20 732.30
Trifecta 13-10-3 8,771.50 8,077.80 6,636.10
First Four 13-10-3-17 145,531.00 109,163.00 145,853.00

The Caulfield Cup First Four is the most lucrative of the exotic bets, but also the most difficult to pick correctly. In a Caulfield Cup First Four you predict the first four runners to finish the race, in their exact order of arrival. This is clearly a tall order, but the substantial payout makes it all worthwhile.

The winning Caulfield Cup First Four in 2017 was:

1st – Boom Time
2nd – Single Gaze
3rd – Johannes Vermeer
4th – Lord Fandango

Note that you do need to pick the horses in exact order, as even one tiny glitch – like Exospheric coming second and Scottish third in the example above – would make your Caulfield Cup First Four a losing bet.

The Caulfield Cup First Four offers the highest payout of all the exotic bets. For every $1 you invest in your Caulfield Cup First Four you stand to win literally thousands of dollars. The exact rate of payout depends on the overall value of the race but for a race as popular as the Caulfield Cup the First Four payout could even send you on an around the world vacation.

How To Pick Your Caulfield Cup First Four

Picking the first four runners across the line may be a challenge, but you can do it with a measure of skill and luck. Choosing their correct order of arrival can make or break your Caulfield Cup First Four, though. If you would like to maximise your chances of a winning Caulfield Cup First Four, consider placing a Caulfield Cup First Four box bet. This bet will cover all combinations in which your favourite four runners can cross the line – meaning as long as you picked the right horses, you are home safe.

Check out our Caulfield Cup tips for the 2017 edition and it may help you with your first four chances.

As there are four thoroughbreds involved in the Caulfield Cup First Four, it is a good idea to do extensive research in your selections’ racing histories. By comparing your shortlisted runners’ performances in events of similar length or conditions as the Caulfield Cup, you can get a good idea of how they might perform in this great race, thus giving yourself an extra edge when placing your bets.

Where To Place Your Caulfield Cup First Four

If you love your races but your schedule won’t allow for days at the track, check out our list of online bookmakers to revolutionise the way you bet.

Placing your Caulfield Cup First Four with an online bookie is simple and convenient. Not only do these Internet bookmaking outlets, like, offer step-by-step guidance when you are placing a more complicated bet like the Caulfield Cup First Four; they also allow you to bet whenever it suits you. Online bookmakers are not subject to business hours, so you can schedule your Caulfield Cup betting around the rest of your busy life – you won’t miss out on anything!