Caulfield Cup Exacta

2017 Caulfield Cup Exacta Result

  • 1st: #13 Boom Time ($51)
  • 2nd: #10 Single Gaze ($31)

2017 Caulfield Cup Results: Exotics

Exotic Combintations QLD VIC NSW
Quinella 13-10 N/A 585.00 339.50
Exacta 13-10 498.20 942.20 732.30
Trifecta 13-10-3 8,771.50 8,077.80 6,636.10
First Four 13-10-3-17 145,531.00 109,163.00 145,853.00

A winning Caulfield Cup exacta requires you to pick the first two thoroughbreds to cross the finish line in their exact order of arrival. This bet is not quite as difficult as the trifecta, as it only involves two horses, but picking the correct order of arrival can be a challenge. If you would like to safeguard yourself, you can place a Caulfield Cup exacta box bet, which covers the multiple combinations of arrival and makes winning a little more likely.

In the 2017 Caulfield Cup for example, the winning Caulfield Cup exacta was the following combination:

1st – Boom Time
2nd – Single GAze

A winning Caulfield Cup exacta can pay out at big odds, meaning that for a bet of just $10 you can receive a payout of $2000 or more. This is why many punters deem the Caulfield Cup exacta worth the extra risk.

How To Pick A Caulfield Cup Exacta

Naturally, there is no guaranteed way to pick a winning Caulfield Cup exacta. However, there are some measures that will increase your chances of placing a successful Caulfield Cup exacta bet. If you want to give your luck a little boost, take the time to do some detective work when it comes to the past performances of your selections.

Caulfield Cup form guides are a great resource if you are seeking information about your Caulfield Cup selections. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to read a form guide, just check out our Caulfield Cup form guide page for handy hints. If you check the race cards and line-up for the Caulfield Cup early, you can take as much time as you need to choose your two favourites. The more information you gather, the more likely you are to pick a winning Caulfield Cup exacta.

Where To Place A Caulfield Cup Exacta Bet

If you have to fit your Caulfield Cup betting into a busy work and family schedule, we recommend you sign up as a member with one of our favourite online bookmakers. Internet-based bookies like are the ideal way to bet if you do not have the time to visit your local bookmaker or make it to the track on race day. With the help of an online bookmaker you can place your Caulfield Cup exacta at any time of the day and from almost anywhere in the world, making your life as a punter a lot easier.

On top of that, being a member at an online bookmaker can help you in your research before placing your Caulfield Cup exacta. Most online bookies offer virtual form guides and have the most recent information on your selections available. With insider info like this, you will be reaping the rewards of your Caulfield Cup exacta in no time.