Learn about the 2015 Melbourne Cup Betting Odds here.

The 2015 Melbourne Cup odds are the most bet on and viewed set of horse racing odds in Australia as the annual $6.2 million Group 1 Emirates Melbourne Cup (3200m), held on the first Tuesday of November, is the richest handicap race in the world.

Basically the Melbourne Cup odds are the prices on each horse in the capacity 24-horse Melbourne Cup field for them to win or place.

So Melbourne Cup Win Odds on a horse paying $4 would mean for every dollar you bet on that horse at Ladbrokes.com.au you would get $4 in return should they go on to become that year’s Melbourne Cup winner!

The Melbourne Cup odds are watched with intent by all the horse racing fans in Australia, and rightly so. The Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious race of the year, and placing a winning bet earns both big prize money and kudos from every other punter. For the most up-to-date information on the 2015 Melbourne Cup odds, please visit our new Melbourne Cup odds page.

Melbourne Cup 2015 odds are open right now at our preferred online bookie Ladbrokes.com.au who cover the Melbourne Cup betting right from the current pre-nomination futures odds to the Melbourne Cup odds on the final field which is released on Victoria Derby Day.

2015 Melbourne Cup Odds

Types of Melbourne Cup Odds

Betting on a winning horse is the simplest method of horse betting and the most popular. You pick who you think is the winning horse and you get paid depending on the Melbourne Cup odds offered if your selection wins. Punters can also bet each way, where the stake is split with half the bet on a win result and half the bet on the horse placing in the first three.

Accumulator bets are placed by experienced punters, because they like the larger payouts associated with this type of bet. Accumulator bets are designed so that the punter can bet on the same horse in different races. The Melbourne Cup odds are multiplied and the punter often sees massive cumulative odds. The key here is that all horses have to win their particular races for a payout to occur, but this can be a great way to bet on multiple major spring carnival races, with the Melbourne Cup result finishing off the bet.

Basically the most popular Melbourne Cup odds punters at Ladbrokes.com.au are after are:

  • Melbourne Cup Win Odds – Price for the horses to win
  • Melbourne Cup Place Odds – Price for the horses to place in the top three
  • Melbourne Cup Exotics – Covers all other bet types including the Melbourne Cup Exacta and Melbourne Cup Trifecta

Placing Melbourne Cup Bets Online

Now Melbourne Cup odds are just a keystroke away, thanks to online betting sites. You can search for the best Melbourne Cup odds at sites like Odds.com.au and then place a bet on the race at an online betting site like Ladbrokes.com.au all from the comfort of your home or office.

Betting online is the perfect way for anyone that loves to bet on horse races to participate. Just pull up a chair, do your research with the help of sites like Races.com.au, place your bet, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching the race either online or on television.

If you are new to betting, you can take a little time to become familiar with how the Melbourne Cup odds work. As you become more experienced, you are much more likely to be successful.

Even if you haven’t placed a bet, it’s easy to get the hang of Melbourne cup odds. You can use a form guide if you like. These can be found online at the best betting sites.

Use the Melbourne Cup form guides at online betting sites to get an insight into where the Melbourne Cup odds could be unbalanced in your favour. For detailed form guides on all major races, join Ladbrokes.com.au.

All bets are put into what is called a common pool. Where the bets are spread in that pool helps to determine the Melbourne Cup odds. The Melbourne Cup odds at betting sites are often better than those at TABs, as the betting do not need to draw as much from the betting pool to cover overheads.

Just because betting is designed for entertainment, doesn’t mean you can’t become good at placing winning bets. Work with form guides and learn why the Melbourne Cup odds move, and you could make a very tidy profit on your bets.

Win Your Melbourne Cup Bets

There are never any guarantees that the bet you placed will land up being a winning bet, but preparation improves your chances. If you have never bet on the Melbourne Cup before, you should take a little time to learn more about the race and the statistics that can help you avoid taking less profitable Melbourne Cup odds. Try our Melbourne Cup Tips page for a few pointers on finding the best value bets.