Melbourne Cup First Four

Correctly picking the Melbourne Cup First Four is both extremely profitable and an achievement you can brag about for years!

The First Four bet requires you to correctly pick, in exact order, the first four finishers in the race. Many bettors use box First Four bets instead of single First Four bets in order to reduce the difficulty of picking up a win.

So not only do you have to pick the Melbourne Cup winner, but you also have to select the next three horses over the line at Flemington Racecourse on Tuesday, November 3rd in the correct order to clean up on your Melbourne Cup first four bet.

2015 Melbourne Cup First Four Tips

  • 1st – Trip To Paris
  • 2nd – Fame Game
  • 3rd – Criterion
  • 4th – Who Shot Thebarman
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Here is an example of a successful Melbourne Cup First Four bet for the 2014 Melbourne Cup:

• 1st – Protectionist
• 2nd – Red Cadeaux
• 3rd – Who Shot Thebarman
• 4th – Signoff

Note that the exact order is necessary to win. If Fiorente had placed fourth and Simenon had placed third, the bet would not be paid (it would be paid if all the picks had been made in a box First Four bet, however). This successful bet would have paid over $90,000 for each dollar wagered!

Melbourne Cup first four betting opens as soon as the Melbourne Cup field is announced on the Saturday before Melbourne Cup Day.

Of course before that there are many other Melbourne Cup Betting options open at bookies including, starting with the pre-nominations futures markets.

How to Pick the Melbourne Cup First Four Bet

It is incredibly difficult to just pick the first four finishers, let alone the exact order they finish in. This is why most serious bettors making a Melbourne Cup First Four bet will make it a box bet.

If you decide to go with a box bet, your first step to winning is to narrow down your picks. The Melbourne Cup field is large, so it is very inefficient and unprofitable to cover every combination of the runners.

For a Melbourne Cup First Four box, you really just need to decide where you will stop with picks. Take into account the weights the horses are carrying, ages, spring carnival performance, and previous Melbourne Cup results.

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You are looking for the horses that stand a chance of finishing in the first four, not just those with a chance to win. A Melbourne Cup First Four box bet will usually need to cover a large portion of the field to be successful.

Where to Place Your Melbourne Cup First Four Bet

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Placing a Melbourne Cup Box First Four Bet

Once you have made your picks for your Melbourne Cup First Four box bet, you will want to calculate how much it costs.

The formula for working out the cost of a First Four bet is (number of horses selected) X (number of horses selected – 1) X (number of horses selected – 2) X (number of horses selected – 3) X base bet amount.

For example, if you have a First Four box bet on the Melbourne Cup with 6 selections at a $1 base bet, you would have a bet of (6)X(6-1)X(6-2)X(6-3)X$1 to equal $360.

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