Melbourne Cup Exacta

2017 Melbourne Cup Exacta Results

  • 1st: #22 Rekindling ($15)
  • 2nd: #7 Johannes Vermeer ($13)

2017 Melbourne Cup Results: Exotic Payouts

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Exotic Combinations QLD VIC NSW
Quinella 22-7 N/A 96.90 102.30
Exacta 22-7 188.40 199.10 211.70
Trifecta 22-7-9 2,863.40 3,025.10 3,410.20
First Four 22-7-9-13 52,665.80 44,736.30 54,338.70

Successfully picking the Melbourne Cup Exacta 2017 can pay off incredibly well, and it is easier to pick than most of the other Melbourne Cup exotic bets including the Melbourne Cup Trifecta – that is the first three horses past the post in that year’s Melbourne Cup results.

For those unfamiliar with this bet type, an exacta requires you pick the first and second placed runner in exact order. This is as opposed to a quinella, which does not require you pick the right order.

That means you need to pick the Melbourne Cup winner and the Melbourne Cup runner-up, in that order, before the Melbourne Cup results are uncovered at 3:00pm (AEDT) on the first Tuesday of November at Flemington Racecourse.

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An example of a winning exacta from the 2017 Melbourne Cup is:

• 1st – #22 Rekindling
• 2nd – #7 Johannes Vermeer

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How to Pick the Melbourne Cup Exacta

Picking the Melbourne Cup Exacta is much more challenging than the Melbourne Cup Quinella as you have to get the order right.

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Only luck can help you with the exact finishing order of the Melbourne Cup, but you can give your Melbourne Cup exacta the best possible chance by researching the runners. If you can’t decide the winner between your two runners, consider quinellas and box exactas or just rely on your gut feeling.

If you are unsure of the order to set your picks in, compare the payouts of a Melbourne Cup quinella with a 2-horse box exacta. These bets are quite similar in practice, but the odds may make one bet type more advantageous on Melbourne Cup day.

It’s also important to check out the full 2017 Melbourne Cup Form Guide before placing your bets on the two mile classic.

Where to Place Your Melbourne Cup Exacta

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Online betting sites often offer special deals on exotic Melbourne Cup bets to encourage punters to give them a try. They are also convenient to use, as you can access the sites from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Placing a Melbourne Cup Box Exacta

While a Melbourne Cup box exacta may seem almost identical to a box quinella, there are differences between these bets.

Remember that a box bet is effectively many separate wagers, and they do not all have the same odds. So, while a 2-horse box exacta with the same picks as a quinella will both win on the same results, the 2-horse box exacta has two different payouts depending on the exact finishing order while the quinella pays out the same regardless of which of your picks comes first or second.

The cost of your Melbourne Cup exacta box is equal to (the number of horses in your picks X [the number of horses in your picks – 1]) X your base bet amount.

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