Horse Racing Syndicates & Ownership

The term ‘horse racing syndicates’ describes a group of individuals sharing ownership of a race horse. Joined ownership cuts down the individual cost of maintaining and training a horse, as well as the fees required to enter it into professional races. Syndicates allow the everyman to experience the pleasure of owning a race horse and contribute to creating a horse racing community comprised of individuals from all walks of life.

Most syndicates are comprised of a group of friends who have formed on their own accord. These syndicates are independent and handle purchases, the hiring of trainers and the selection of potential races on their own. However, a trend towards commercial syndication is fast emerging. This means that large players in the horse racing industry, such as Godolphin, sell shares in their stables to the general public. Websites are offering race horse shares of 1% – 10% often as temporary purchase which has to be renewed annually.

Syndicates are perfect for horse racing fans with insufficient funds to buy and maintain their own horse. If you choose to enter a syndicate you might have to split the bounty when your runner wins – but sharing the excitement and responsibilities will leave you enriched.

Dynamic Syndications
Dean Watt is the Director and Responsible Officer for Dynamic Syndications. Dean has run his own business in the Thoroughbred Industry since 1986. For the past 4 years Dean and Graeme Rogerson joined forces to become the market leaders at syndicating exciting racehorse prospects. These horses were trained by the powerful Graeme Rogerson Racing Stables.

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