Merger Club Retains Australian Turf Club Title

The newly-amalgamated Sydney racing authority has announced their decision to retain the original title of the association and the club will officially be known as the Australian Turf Club (ATC).

According to the ATC board, the retention of the original club name will ensure recognition with racing fans and industry contributors continues globally since the Sydney Turf Club and the Australian Jockey Club merged in February and the title Australian Turf Club was first launched.

The decision came after a comprehensive research mission by the ATC board that surveyed the “best long term name for the Club” according to members and stakeholders.

Alternative titles for the club that were considered but found not to be as well-accepted by survey respondents included Sydney Racing and Sydney Jockey Club.

The preservation of the inaugural club name was a 100 per cent unanimous choice by the Board according to ATC Chairman John Cornish.

“Whilst the research program uncovered some mixed sentiment toward the name, the overall findings presented a strong majority in favour of retaining the name Australian Turf Club as our name for the future,” Mr Cornish said.

In fact, survey results assessed from over 11,000 current ATC members and in excess of 1,300 former STC and AJC members found 65% of respondents thought of the name as within the impressive to excellent brand range.

“As a Board we are aware of the subjectivity of the matter and of the differing opinions in the market,” Mr Cornish continued.

“We are never going to appease everyone, but the research findings support the chosen name, as well as the Club’s vision to be internationally recognised as a leader for racing, events and membership.”

The title announcement came just a week after the ATC appointed Matt Rudolph to fill the club’s newly-created position of Executive General Manager of Racing Development.

With a confirmed brand title and Rudolph working alongside a dedicated team, the ATC looks in a wonderful position to be able to effectively and efficiently manage Sydney’s racing promotion, publicity and establish a new era of racing in New South Wales.

“The independent research gives us confidence to move forward under the Australian Turf Club brand and to give the brand live as we develop our united business,” Mr Cornish said.