Racing Minister Pledges Support For Jumps Racing

Jumps Racing

Victorian Racing Minister backs jumps racing

Victorian Racing Minister, Denis Napthine, has continued his backing of the jumps racing industry, despite the death of a horse just two races into the new season.

Casa Boy was put down after shattering his off-side shoulder in a fall at Warrnambool last Monday, triggering calls from anti-jumps campaigners to put an end to the sport once and for all.

Two other horses fell during the meet, but were lucky enough to avoid any serious injuries.

Mr Napthine is calling for people to continue their support for the jumps racing industry, despite this significant setback.

“I think it has an important place in the history of racing and heritage, and it’s important for jobs in the racing industry, important for jobs in south-west Victoria, particularly the May Racing Carnival in Warrnambool,” Mr Napthine said.

Mr Napthine is pleading with the public not to judge the current jumps racing season before it has a chance to develop.

“I believe that we need to give jumps racing a chance to get into its season, so that the sport can be monitored and see the benefits that the sport delivers,” Mr Napthine said.

“I think we need to give jumps racing a chance, rather than going off prematurely on this case.”

Warrnambool Racing Club’s Chief Executive, John Green, has committed himself to improving the safety of the jumps industry and has pledged to thoroughly assess the events of Monday’s fall.

“The incidents will be reviewed thoroughly by the jumps racing review panel and it’s really too early to make any claims,” Mr Green said.

Campaign Manager for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, Elio Celotto, is urging people to put political pressure on the Racing Minister to ban jumps racing altogether.

“Mr Napthine needs to be told by Victorians that this sport is unacceptable,” he said.

The continuation of jumps racing is currently due to be re-evaluated at the conclusion of the 2012 racing season.