Melbourne Cup Betting Guide

So you want to have a bet on the 2010 Melbourne Cup and you want to know the best place to start and what to do.

The first thing you should know is the different types of bets available.

These are the bets that are the least complicated and easiest to place:

  • Win – you place an amount of money on your horse and it has to win the race.
  • Each-Way – you place an amount of money on the horse to win or run a place , place odds are generally ¼ of the win odds. If your horse wins you get the win price and the place price , if your horse runs second or 3rd you only collect the place money. For example if the horse is 10 for the win and 3.5 for the place and you have $100 each-way , your total bet is $200 , thats $100 on the win at $10 and $100 on the place at $3.5 , so if the horse wins you will collect $1350 which is your win plus place result. If it runs second or third you will collect $350 and still win on the race.
  • Place – place an amount of money on a horse to run a place.
  • Quinella – you must pick the horses to finishing first and second in the race in any order , this will pay a good dividend and it costs $1 per quinella , you can place any amount of money on a quinella.
  • Trifecta – A trifecta is the first 3 horses across the finish line at the end of the race , this can pay a very good dividend a few years ago when viewed won it paid nearly $18,000 , it costs $6 to box 3 horses in a trifecta and they can finish in any order, it costs $24 to box 4 horses and 3 of them must fill the first 3 places , it costs $60 to box 5 horses for a $1 unit , if for example you wanted to take the 5 horse trifecta for 5 times it would cost you $300 but you would get 5 times the declared dividend.
  • Exacta – you must pick first and second in the correct order , this dividend will pay more than the quinella.
  • First Four – this is potentially the biggest dividend , you must select the first four horses past the post in the correct order you calculate the cost by multiplying how many horses you have to win x horses to run second x horses to run third x horses to run fourth.

For example:

3 to win x 4 to run second x 4 to run third x 6 to run 4th will cost 3x4x4x6 = $288 BUT you can take this for a 10 cent unit if you wanted which would cost you $28.80 but you get 1/10th of the dividend, this could pay over $100,000.

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