TABs and Melbourne Cup Betting

The general consensus around the office here at is that the TAB’s are really falling behind with their corporate marketing, particularly this time of year when such a great racing product as the Melbourne Cup is on show.

There are very few events in the whole world that stop a nation like the Melbourne Cup, but no matter where you live, the TABs really don’t seem to be promoting themselves as well as the corporate bookmakers.

In reality it has come to a question of ‘Why bet with a TAB when the corporate bookmakers offer you so much more?’ You can place a bet with an online corporate bookmaker and get the best TAB odds no matter which state you live in.

For example, you place a bet at an online bookie and NSW has the best TAB price. That is the dividend you get. Some bookies such as Luxbet offer a best of the best product, which will pay you the best fluctuation or best TAB price plus 5 to 20% on some races. Seriously, how does the TAB compete with that?

So really we have answered our own question: the TAB really can’t advertise or promote itself too much because it seems to offer so much less than its competitors.

We’d love to tell you what the TABs are offering to entice people to bet with them, but have come up empty handed when trying to figure out where they shine.

Tabcorp have woken up to this sad fact and have launched their own corporate bookmaker Luxbet. Best of all for you, they are offering an unheard of $400 free bet through This is the best bonus bet on the market and Luxbet also offer top of the market prices.