Sportsbet Making It Easy to Bet on the Net

Since the big Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has bought into Sportsbet, they seem to be focused even more strongly on brand building.

We love Sportsbet’s new oddball ads, and we’re sure they are proud of them too. Though we wonder why Michael Sullivan isn’t one of the betting shop customers in the freak out ad – surely have seen the latest Sportingbet ad?

The Sportsbet ads are well done and very professional, and its always good to have a little humour. After all, gambling is tremendous fun when done responsibly.

Also, the Sportsbet TV campaign really highlights the comfort of betting online. You don’t have to find a TAB outlet and then share your personal space with some sweaty truck driver (not that there is anything wrong with being a sweaty truck driver). There really is a lot to be said for online betting – it’s so easy and there is a wealth of information at your fingertips.

We recommend for those that like to bet on the net, and they are offering a $300 bonus for new players. If you already have an account or just prefer something different then we also recommend Luxbet, who are offering an unheard of $400 free bet.