Sportingbet Targets the Melbourne Cup (Starring Michael Sullivan)

Sportingbet must be trying to get the punters to feel sorry for them by winning them over through bad TV.

Despite Michael Sullivan’s usual flamboyant demeanour, he seems rather nervous presenting his ads on free-to-air TV – and they are awful.

But we could be mistaking his nervousness for something else. Perhaps he is in a state of shock thinking to himself, ‘I can’t believe I am doing this really bad ad’.

Perhaps So You Think has taken too much money out of the pockets of Sportingbet to pay for a real production crew.

Regardless, we still like them.

After all, Michael is a bookmaker and clearly not a TV star. And really, who cares how bad their TV ads are when they are still offering a great sign up bonus? Why not take it, it is free money, you just need to join SportingBet.

Of course, if you really don’t like them because of their terrible TV programming, then we recommend Luxbet with their amazing $400 free bet promotion.

Whatever you deposit, up to $200, Luxbet will give you double the amount as a free bet. Put in $25 to get a $50 free bet, or put in $200 get a $400 free bet.

We sincerely hope SportingBet do well over the carnival – after all, we really don’t want to see Michael pop up on Neighbours!