Spring Racing Free Bets, Bonus Offers and Promotions

Luxbet is offering the Biggest Ever Bet Bonus by Australian BookmakerEvery Spring Racing Carnival almost everyone you know places a bet somewhere on something. Knowing which horse to bet on is only one part of the fun. Knowing the places to bet and betting options, you are guaranteed to win more.

With our free bet offers, you can join a bookmaker and place a huge free bet (even if you wouldn’t normally bet that much yourself) and enjoy the spoils of punting with some big money.

We have listed all of the offers below and give you the full details on our most recommended Spring Racing bookmaker, Luxbet.


Luxbet have really come to the party this Spring Racing and they’ve given Races.com.au readers the very best deal anywhere on the internet. If you haven’t seen it on our site already, here’s the deal:

Jot this down: Luxbet Free Bet Promotional Code: EXTRA400

If you are new to Luxbet and want to have a bet this Spring Racing Carnival, this is THE offer to take. All you need to do is sign up and make a deposit into your new betting account. Use the code (Exclusive to Races.com.au) EXTRA400 on the sign up form and you will get a free bet worth up to $400.

How it works: Luxbet gives you a bonus bet valued at double whatever you deposit (to a maximum of $400).

You can deposit a minimum of $25 to claim this promo, but to get the maximum $400 free we suggest you deposit $200. If you don’t want to put $200 in first up, we recommend the biggest deposit you can because the bonus is based on your first deposit only.

Deposit at least $200 to get the maximum benefit from this promotion!

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Luxbet $400 Bonus Bet

Other Bookmaker Free Bet Offers for Spring Carnival

We’ve dealt with each online bookmaker and got the very best deals they have available. We’ve twisted their arms until they gave up the biggest bonuses for our visitors, even bigger than the bonus they offer directly on their own website. We have obtained the very best market offers from each bookmaker exclusively for readers of Races.com.au.

HOT TIP: It’s worth trying them all – You don’t have to deposit and bet at all of them but it is worth having a look. You can open a FREE account at each bookmaker and check out how their website works, how the bet slip looks, what deposit options there are etc. Visit Sportsbet, Luxbet, IASbet, Centrebet, Betfair and Sportingbet.

You might find one that suits you best, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the other free bets – you can still take up the offers from each bookmaker when you are ready – as long as you joined via the links above you should be eligible.

To take advantage of the best sign on bonuses available make sure you click the links below to go to our exclusive offer pages.

How to get up to $300 free at Sportsbet

Ladbrokes.com.au‘s offer is our 2nd biggest value bonus and they’re also our most popular bookmaker. The free bet offer is essentially up to $100 cash, three times over (totaling $300 free). You don’t need any special codes, you just need to click our link below to go through to the exclusive bonus page. Sportsbet actually offer up to $100 free from their own homepage, but we’ve negotiated a 3x better deal for you!

How it works: Sportsbet free bet offer is basically 100% match bonus so you will earn 100% cash back based on bets placed (up to $300).

You can deposit a minimum of $25 to start claiming this promo (we suggest at least $100 to get the most out of it). To get the maximum $300 free you will probably need more (depends if you are winning or not). When you place your first bet, they match it 100% (as cash in your account, not doubling you bet amount) so you can use it later for other bets. The next $100 bonus cash is paid based on the average of your next 10 bets up to $100. The next 10 bets after that are again averaged out and your next bonus is paid up to $100 free cash.

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Click here to visit Sportsbet

You deposit: Your first bet is: Your total to bet:
$25 $25 $50
$50 $50 $100
$75 $75 $150
$100 $100 (BEST) $200
$200 $100 $300
$400 $100 $500

Visit the Ladbrokes.com.au site for an example of how the “average” bet bonus works (there’s a great table). We like this offer because it gives you a chance to use the system and get multiple rewards over time.

How to get $200 free at IASbet

Ladbrokes.com.au‘s offer is one of the first we negotiated and still one of the best. A lot of punter’s have taken the offer and done really well out of it. This is a very decent free bet offer – straight up $200 free bet. When you sign up just enter “PAN200” where it says “Promotional Code” on the signup form.

How it works: IASbet gives you a $200 bonus bet when you deposit $100 or more.

The only catch with this one is you need to put $100 in to start with. But when you consider the $200 free bet and the fact that IAS let’s you bet fractional exotics, have great fixed odds etc, it is well worth it. We definitely recommend that you give IASbet a go.

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Click here to visit IASbet

You deposit: Your Bonus is: Your total to bet:
$100 $200 $300

How to get up to $150 free at Centrebet

Centrebet‘s free bet offer is a little bit different, but still easy. All you have to do is make a deposit and place a bet. Centrebet will then credit your account with a free bet token valued at the same amount of your first bet.

How it works: Centrebet gives you a free bet equal to the first bet you make (to a maximum of $150).

You can deposit a minimum of $20 with Centrebet but to claim this promo the minimum first bet is $10 (Then you’ll get a $10 free bet token). To get the maximum $150 free we suggest you put in at least $150. If you can’t afford to put $150 in first up don’t worry, you’ll still be eligible. Just deposit as much as you can because the bonus is only based on your first bet placed.

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Click here to visit Centrebet

You first bet: Your free bet is: Your total to bet:
$10 $10 $20
$25 $25 $50
$50 $50 $100
$100 $100 $200
$150 $150 (BEST) $300
$300 $150 $450

How to get up to $100 free at Betfair

Betfair‘s offer is another easy one. It may be the smallest offer, but it’s one of the best, that is because of the way their system works. Betfair is a unique betting platform where you can become the bookmaker. Betfair allows you to back or lay (bet it won’t win) each horse or team etc. For every event, you can bet on either side of the market. This means that Betfair has slightly different (and often better) odds than other bookmakers.

How it works: Betfair gives you a risk-free $100 bet. If you lose, they refund your first bet up to $100.

We suggest you put in at least $100 to take advantage of this offer because it’s basically “a bet that can’t lose”. Put $100 on something, if it doesn’t win, they refund it straight up. So easy.

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Click here to visit Betfair

You deposit: Your Free Bet is: Your total to bet:
$100 (recommended) $100 $100

And don’t forget: Like anything, terms and conditions are subject to change. Check them out at each bookmaker when you visit.