Calculating Trifecta Costs

With such a hot favourite as So You Think , punters will be looking for value, and forms of exotic betting might be the best place for punters to find that value.

While the costs of trifectas can sometimes seem confusing, the following simple examples will help you work out how much you will be spending to cover your picks. The corporate bookmakers offer excellent trifecta betting solutions which can pay best of the 3 major TABs, or better than your home state’s TAB dividend. Luxbet offer particularly good odds, and new players can also benefit from free bonus bets!

For our first example, let’s assume you are going with So You Think to win. Knowing this, you can take a stand out trifecta with him to win, with 2 other places to fill for second and third. If you take So You Think as a standout banker to win and 2 horses to run second and third the trifecta will cost you 2×1 for a $1 unit and an overall cost of $2. If you take three horses to run second or third then the cost will be 3x2x$1 = $6, for four horses 4x3x$1 = $12. Or even say 7 horses for second and third, it would be 7x6x$1 = $42.

Of course, you can take each trifecta for as much or little as you like. It doesn’t even have to be for $1 – it can be for as little as 10 cents if you want to limit your costs. However, the dividends are based on a $1 unit so if you take it for 10 cents you only get one tenth of the dividend.

You can also take multiple horses to win, rather than a single horse like in the previous example. For instance, you might take So You Think and Shoot Out to win. If you did that, you would have 2 combinations to win. Let’s then assume you take 5 horses (including both Shoot out and So You Think) to run second and third. In that case, you would work out the cost in the following way:

2 (the number of winning chances) x 4 (because you have included both So You Think and Shoot Out to win, there is one less horse to run second) x3 x $1 = 2x4x3 = $24.

You don’t even need to narrow down the winner that much! If you are not confident about which horse will win, then you can box up horses to run in any order. In that case, this is how you work out the cost:

There are three places to fill, and say you wanted to box up 6 horses. Any of those 6 horses can fill three places, so the formula is – 6x5x4x$1 = $120. If you boxed up 4 horses it would cost you 4x3x2x$1=$24. If you boxed up 10 horses it would cost 10x9x8x$1 =$720.

To give this a try, we suggest joining Luxbet now and trying out the easy betting interface they have for placing exotic bets. Best of all, your trifecta costs will be calculated for you as you place your bet, making it easy to adjust to suit your bankroll!